Rob Shehadie and friends kick off the Australian Tour of “STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPO” in Adelaide

Rob Shehadie, Joe Avati, Tahir and George Kapiniaris have kicked off the Tour in Adelaide with 4 Sold out Shows and strong reviews with THE ADVERTISER giving it 5 stars.

Here is a 9 out of 10 review:

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TAFE Western Sydney Institute and Rob Shehadie team up again for a brand new series called “Robs Campaign”


TAFE Western Sydney today launched the first stage of the #educatingrob Series 2 ‘Robs Campaign’ in western Sydney today.

100’s of aspiring western Sydney year 11 and 12 school students were puzzled and excited by the ‘presidential cavalcade’ comprising of a black hummer, the SUV security detail and campaign paraphernalia, along with 15 Lebanese drummers that made for a spectacular entry of ‘Candidate Rob’ to day 1 of his campaign trail.

Rob was met by 100’s of shouting fans “Rob, Rob, Rob” as he stepped up onto the stage and launched his campaign to ‘Choose TAFE Western Sydney in 2017’.

The campaign follows ‘character Rob’s’ success at TAFE Western Sydney in Series 1 of #educatingrob, where Rob studies his Automotive Apprenticeship and his Diploma of Communications. After graduating, a proud moment for his Parents and Family, Rob gains a job at the Auto-mechanics. So impressed with his life changing experience at TAFE Western Sydney, Rob decides to set off on a campaign trail to promote the “fantasticness of TAFE Western Sydney and encourage others to ‘shape their futures’ at the greatest Vocational Education and Training Institution in the world.”

The ‘Vote for Rob to visit your School’ campaign encourages school students to vote for ‘Candidate Rob’ and his entourage to visit their schools and share his story of his experience at TAFE Western Sydney and to encourage school leavers to consider TAFE Western Sydney as a viable further education option after they leave school.

Candidate Rob’s opening speech: “As Morgan Freeman once said in ‘The Shawshanks Redemptions’, I have a dream. A dream where school leavers and their parents see TAFE Western Sydney for the outstanding vocational education and training institution that it is. A dream where I can get people like you to seriously consider choosing TAFE Western Sydney for 2017. And a dream where everyone gets free kebabs. This dream is why I am launching a campaign to get you to choose TAFE Western Sydney in 2017” was met with much applause, resulting in the audience to shout “Rob for President!”

The School Vote campaign will run for the next two weeks and will be followed by the launch of a 4 chapter series entitled “Robs Campaign” in August 2016.

Rob Shehadie has teamed up with Transport for NSW to encourage jet ski riders to take it easy on the water.

Rob Shehadie has teamed up with Transport for NSW to encourage jet ski riders to take it easy on the water.

TELEVISION personality and comedian Rob Shehadie joined Bankstown Mayor Khal Asfour at Revesby Beach last week to promote safe and responsible use of personal watercraft (PWC).
Shehadie, best known for his starring role as Rocky in the hit comedy Fat Pizza, Swift and Shift and Houso’s, has teamed up with Transport for NSW to encourage jet ski riders to take it easy on the water.